Which Jobs Require Marijuana or Cannabis Hair Testing in Canada?

Cannabis may be legal in Canada, but that does not mean workers are permitted to be high on the job. Like alcohol, marijuana use during work hours is frowned upon or forbidden by many employers. In some cases, being high on the job also creates a health and safety risk (both to the individual and others in the workplace).

Despite these conventions, there are few situations in which employers in Canada are permitted to have a worker tested for marijuana use at work. As outlined in a brief by the Ontario Human Rights Commission, drug testing may be permissible as part of a post-incident investigation or a return-to-work rehabilitation plan; but even then, it’s restricted by the protections in place by human rights laws.

When it comes to marijuana or cannabis hair testing, it is even less likely that employers will be permitted to subject their employees to the test. This is because hair testing is not a feasible means of testing cannabis impairment.

Unlike urine or blood sample tests, hair tests can detect evidence of marijuana up to 90 days or longer after use, which is a far wider window of detecion than either of the fluid-based tests. Additionally, the amount of delta-0-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in hair follicles does not increase when a person is high and then decrease as they come down. The amount of THC found in a hair sample can indicate whether the person is an infrequent or chronic user of marijuana, but not whether they are currently impaired.

As explained in an article published by Healthline, THC is temporarily stored in a user’s organs and fatty tissues, then broken down in the liver and disposed of in urine or stool. However, THC that finds its way into the kidneys can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream. From there, traces of THC can bind to the user’s growing hair follicles and find its way into the hair itself five to 10 days later.

During a hair testing, the lab technician collects a sample of approximately 1.5 inches of hair near the base of the scalp. Since most people’s hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month, the hair sample can reveal evidence of marijuana use over approximately 90 days previous.

In our view, the only circumstance in which a Canadian employer may have grounds to demand marijuana or cannabis hair testing from an employee would be as part of a return-to-work rehabilitation plan. If employee agreed to abstain from cannabis completely for during the rehabilitation period, a hair test could be justified as a way of ensuring the agreement is being upheld. Hair testing may be preferable in that case as it is less invasive than blood or urine tests.

In conclusion:

  • As far as we know, there are no jobs in Canada that require a hair drug test to screen for marijuana use as a prerequisite for employment.
  • Generally, employers are discouraged from subjected employees to drug tests of any kind and are only permitted to do so in certain situations. The only situation involving a hair test that might pass scrutiny would be testing as part of a return-to-work rehabilitation plan.
  • Hair tests cannot demonstrate that a person is high.

5 Basic Marketing Errors Most Businesses Make

With regards to maintaining a business, numerous parts of the procedure appear to be high contrast while others are a lot harder to gauge. One part that has truly fallen into the last classification is promoting. On account of the absence of investigation at the beginning of promoting, examining the unmistakable effect of an organization’s marketing endeavors has been a slippery undertaking.

Here are the five basic marketing errors that you must know about when beginning any new promotional campaign.

  1. Neglecting to stay aware with technology

As an entrepreneur, staying aware of innovation can be one more dull task to mark off your rundown. In any case, in the present focused commercial center, remaining current with technology patterns is significant to remain in front of your competitors.

  1. The absence of dependable tracking

It’s basic to have dependable, up and coming information and tech frameworks set up. Regardless of whether you pick Hubspot, Google Analytics or another service, it’s vital to make sure to gauge each activity you can. From checking the Insights tab on Facebook to seeing who makes up your center group of audience, watching out for analytics consistently will guarantee you’re settling on the most informed choices you can.

  1. Content isn’t outwardly engaging

If your business needs to look after importance, it’s fundamental to stay perceptive of these patterns while creating your content procedure. Ensure your content is visual, including designs, pictures, and recordings. While plain content is still to a great degree ground-breaking, especially with regards to long-shape content, videos help have an enduring effect on your watchers.

  1. Not optimizing for mobile

The demand for mobile in both surfing and purchasing products online clarifies why Google is presently giving search engine optimization need to sites upgraded for mobile encounters. With the search engines and regular purchasers alike currently needing excellent client encounters on their cell phones, marketers that follow up on this advertising pattern will definitely pick up energy over their rivals, and those that don’t will fall behind.

  1. Not making evergreen content

The quick pace of the advanced world has given numerous business people the false impression that making timely content could easily compare to being exhaustive and offering some benefit. The more accommodating your content is, the more probable guests are to invest energy in browsing, reading and sharing it. Furthermore, if your content is evergreen, implying that it can possibly remain important for a long period of time, it has a more drawn out timeframe of realistic usability and more noteworthy chance to drive leads and deals for your business.

Bought a Window Air Conditioning Unit for Apartment? Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes

Window air conditioners are lifesavers for renters who don’t have central A/C. But they can be a sizeable investment, so make sure you treat yours right! Common mistakes renters make after buying a window air conditioning unit for apartment include:

  1. Forgetting to clean the air filter (or forgetting the filter exists!)
  2. Cleaning the A/C improperly
  3. Leaving it in the window while away on vacation
  4. Leaving it in the window in the fall and winter
  5. Storing it in an apartment basement storage room or shed

Here’s how (and why) to avoid these pitfalls.

1. Forgetting to Clean the Air Filter

All window air conditioning units come with a removable air filter. This component is there to catch dust, pollen, and other indoor air pollutants that pass through the air conditioner’s intake. So, it should come as no surprise that the filter gets dirty over time, especially if you have pets in the apartment.

The more the filter gets clogged with debris, more restricted the air flow and the harder the window air conditioning unit must work to draw in air. As a result, the unit becomes less efficient and wastes energy. Definitely a problem if your electricity isn’t inclusive in the rent.

To clean the air filter of a window air conditioning unit for apartment:

  1. Turn off the air conditioner
  2. Disconnect the power cord
  3. Remove the front panel
  4. Pull the filter out of the slot
  5. Wash it under warm water
  6. Let the filter dry COMPLETELY
  7. Put the filter back in the air conditioner and close the front panel

2. Cleaning Improperly

Cleaning a window air conditioner isn’t too difficult, but there’s definitely a wrong way to do it.

Two wrong ways, in fact.

If your air conditioner is smelling a bit musty (which indicates the presence of mold), the best course of action is to spray it down with hydrogen peroxide. The diluted formula available in the cleaning section of most hardware stores will do. Hydrogen peroxide will kill off the mold, but does not pose a danger to you or risk harming the air conditioner

What you don’t want to do is use bleach or alcohol. Bleach is effective in killing mold, but it’s also highly toxic, and you don’t want those fumes being pushed into your room via the air conditioner. As for alcohol, it’s flammable, which is never something you want to mix with a large mechanical device in your house.

3. Leaving It in While You’re Away on Vacation

You’d never leave for summer vacation without locking your apartment door. But what about the window propped open by an air conditioner?

If the window can be reached from the ground (via a ladder, roof or another structure), that air conditioner makes it easier for a potential burglar to get inside your apartment.

Putting a stick or a lock bar between the window and the unit doesn’t cut it. For long periods away, it’s best to remove the window air conditioner and lock the window proper.

4. Leaving It in Late-Season

It’s never a good idea to leave an air conditioner running after the temperature drops outside. Air conditioners are liable to freeze up (literally) once the outdoor temperature dips below 12 degrees.

Leaving a window air conditioner for apartments in the window also creates a draft, which makes it unnecessarily cold inside your place and causes the heating system (be it a furnace, boiler, gas fireplace, etc.) to drain more energy.

5. Storing It in a Basement or Shed

Window air conditioners are a favourite winter hiding place for insects and rodents. Mice are particularly fond of chewing at the wiring, turning your expensive new A/C into a piece of scrap.

It’s never a good idea to store your window air conditioner anywhere that critters could get at it. That includes your apartment’s storage room, if yours is anything like the ones I’ve experienced (and if so, I’m sorry). The same goes for outdoor storage sheds.

The best place to store a window air conditioning unit in the winter is tucked in the back of a closet, safe inside the box it came in.

10 Facts You Must Know About Fashion

Fashion plays a huge part in our daily life. It’s like technology, every season, it keeps changing. Every new released fashion ideas that came out in the market, people tend to buy and flaunt it. Not knowing the origin or the reason behind the style. There is one thing true about fashion; it evolves as it repeats itself. Like the old trends, right?

But how well do you really know about fashion? If you want to know the real deal, just keep on reading.

Here are the 10 facts about fashion:

  1. Vintage clothes: Clothes that came before 1960 are acknowledged as vintage clothes but clothes that came after the 1960s are so-called retro.
  2. Baggy pants: Hip-hop trends became popular in our times. Wearing of baggy style pants were so in. But a lot of people don’t know the origin of these baggy style pants? The style was originated from Los Angeles. In the prison of LA. Yes, P-R-I-S-O-N! The inmates were not permitted to wear belts, so the only they can wear was loose pants.
  3. Short hair: Some women prefer short haircuts. While others go for cuts that only suit their profiles. Here is the fact, in the 1800 and in early 1900, a woman who had a short hair was well-thought-of to be unfaithful, a symbol of infidelity.
  4. Jeans: Do you believe that a roundabout 200 jeans can be made out just using only one bale of cotton? Surprising eh!
  5. Perfume: During the Egyptian Era, using perfume was common. The purpose of perfumes was not to smell good but as a religious ritual. You will notice the scents being produced by the designer nowadays are available in five classes: earthy, musk, floral, crisp and fruity.
  6. Brows, eyebrows: Groomed eyebrows are on trend right now. But did you know during the Renaissance period they used to shave their eyebrows? An example is Mona Lisa.
  7. High heel shoes: The high heels were invented for men riding horses. To prevent them from falling. It designed to keep their feet in the stirrups.
  8. Buttons on the sleeves: Napoleon Bonaparte was an accidental trendsetter. He ordered that all the soldiers wear buttons on their sleeves. This way, to prevent the soldiers wiping their running noses on their jackets.
  9. False eyelashes: Using fake lashes is very popular because of the influence of many beauty gurus around the globe. The first false eyelashes were made for producer W. Griffith in 1916. The reason was he wanted to enhance the beauty of the actress. The eyelashes were made from real human hair.
  10. Mini-shirts: This is not for being liberated as time goes by. But, it is to make the girls easily get in and out of the automobiles.

Baskets vs. Bike Trailers for Cycling: Which is Better?

When it comes to carrying stuff on your bike, you have two options: baskets and bike trailers. Not sure which is the right one for you? Consider the pros and cons of baskets and bike trailers for cycling.

Baskets vs. Bike Trailers: Stylishness

Bike baskets are classic. When I think of the platonic ideal of a cyclist, I imagine long, flowing locks, a wide-brimmed sun hat, and a wicker basket full of flowers. I’ve even spotted local cyclists adorning their baskets with fake flowers just for fun. Baskets are just plain cool.

Trailers, not so much. There are some good-looking trailers out there, but they’re still quite utilitarian. Baskets definitely come out on top in terms of style points.

Winner: Baskets

Baskets vs. Bike Trailers: Flexibility

Unfortunately, baskets only really come in one basic shape and size. You can’t go much bigger than a milk crate, which limits the things you can carry in one. If you’re just shopping for groceries, a basket is great, but you can’t move mountains. Oddly-shaped items are going to be a problem as well.

Bike trailers, on the other hand, are incredibly flexible. With a few modifications and some bungee cords, you can tow everything from canoes and kayaks to billboards.

Winner: Bike Trailers

Baskets vs. Bike Trailers: Weight

If you don’t want to haul around too much extra weight, a basket is the way to go. Lightweight trailers are still heavier than a simple basket.

Winner: Baskets

Baskets vs. Bike Trailers: Ease of Use

In terms of how easy they are to use and install, baskets and bike trailers come out about even. Both require the use of brackets to secure them to your bike. Both shift your balance a bit when they’re weighed down. Ease of use comes down to preference more than anything.


Baskets vs. Bike Trailers: Capacity

Need to move a crate full of oranges? A basket will do. Need to move six crates? No number of straps and bungee cords will make them fit. But with a bike trailer, you can carry about as many crates of oranges as your body can haul.

Winner: Bike Trailers

10 Summery Fashion Getaway Essentials

Getting ready for summer getaway includes all the beach trips, overseas explorations, and randomly getting together with the gang with lots of eating, escapades, and a lot more. Planning for summer is not just about doing your bucket list of activities but also about your get up. We all know that summer weather is usually the hot month of the year. We like to feel fresh, comfortable and be fashionable at the same time.

Here’s the of top 10 list of essentials for your summery look:

  1. Shades

Prevents our eyes to the overexposure to light during the hot season. It doesn’t  protect your eyes but also makes you fashionable. Just choose wisely in regards to your face shape and color.

  1. Umbrella or Hat

Another protecting gear that you need this summer. Shield yourself from the sun. It protects us from UV rays that can damage skin and keep us fresh.

  1. Handbag

An easy to carry bag that all your valuables are present. (make-ups, wallet, mobile phone, etc.)

  1. Swimwear & Coverups

Be prepare always for an unplanned visit to the beach or swimming pools. You never can tell when you need one.

  1. Getaway or Beach Bag

Pack all your necessities including your toiletries, undies, comfortable clothes and other staffs you cannot leave without. For hassle and worry-free escapades.

  1. White T-shirt (Round or V-neck)

Comfort is the number one rule during summer. You can get easily feel sticky especially when the sun is up. Better to use a white t-shirt because it does not absorb or add more heat to your body. The round or v-neck will be fashionable to have for freshness look.

  1. Shirts

A cute outfit that can match your shirt easily.

  1. Shorts

Expose those legs without restrictions to move. It’s time to give your legs some space to breathe.

  1. Floral or Casual Summer Dress

A one-piece clothing that gives you a fresher look and free-flowing ambiance. Relaxed to move too.

  1. Footwear (flipflops, espadrilles, sandals, etc.)

Look for comfortable footwear that also matches your cool summer wear. It’s the perfect time to flaunt your stylish footwear.

Hope this list will help you get through your summer getaway with your family or friends. Just remember, being fashionable does not always need to be expensive. You just need to learn how to mix and match for a better and inexpensive summerly look. Be resourceful and creative. Explore all the things that are still useful. Be yourself and flaunt your inner beauty girl!

Joint Health And Safety Committee Certification

The joint health and safety committee (JHSC) embodied by employees and employers at Ontario workplaces. Every company needs to be established and have a maintained workplace which would typically need its own JHSC. To execute their responsibilities successfully, affiliates of joint health and safety committee must obtain training called “certification”. This is a requirement to all members of joint health and safety committee to finish the training and get their certification to perform their duties. It signifies that there’re all certified to do the right thing during the emergency at the workplace. The certification also to determine that a member of joint health and safety committee finished the required training and they are now authorized to do so.

All training done to be a qualified member of joint health and safety committee or JHSC has this phases. The Part 1, Part 2 and refresher training. All the Participants will learn about common workplace threats and key steps to execute the right thing during the dangers. Even you completed the training for joint health and safety committees Part 1 in the workplace, you must complete Part 2 training under the new conditions in order to be certified and soon you will be required to take refresher training to maintain the certification. These new standards in order to be certified was approved last March 1, 2016. All members need to follow the new conditions. They need to comply to be fully certified.


The knowledge that all participants acquired during the training will be carry out to workplace inspections and accident investigations, and enable them to function efficiently as a legit JHSC members. All JHSC members that completed the all the trainings, you may contact the Ministry of Labour if you haven’t received yet the certified member cards. You need to make sure you get your jhsc certification for no proof will hold your participation for your duties.

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