10 Summery Fashion Getaway Essentials

Getting ready for summer getaway includes all the beach trips, overseas explorations, and randomly getting together with the gang with lots of eating, escapades, and a lot more. Planning for summer is not just about doing your bucket list of activities but also about your get up. We all know that summer weather is usually the hot month of the year. We like to feel fresh, comfortable and be fashionable at the same time.

Here’s the of top 10 list of essentials for your summery look:

  1. Shades

Prevents our eyes to the overexposure to light during the hot season. It doesn’t  protect your eyes but also makes you fashionable. Just choose wisely in regards to your face shape and color.

  1. Umbrella or Hat

Another protecting gear that you need this summer. Shield yourself from the sun. It protects us from UV rays that can damage skin and keep us fresh.

  1. Handbag

An easy to carry bag that all your valuables are present. (make-ups, wallet, mobile phone, etc.)

  1. Swimwear & Coverups

Be prepare always for an unplanned visit to the beach or swimming pools. You never can tell when you need one.

  1. Getaway or Beach Bag

Pack all your necessities including your toiletries, undies, comfortable clothes and other staffs you cannot leave without. For hassle and worry-free escapades.

  1. White T-shirt (Round or V-neck)

Comfort is the number one rule during summer. You can get easily feel sticky especially when the sun is up. Better to use a white t-shirt because it does not absorb or add more heat to your body. The round or v-neck will be fashionable to have for freshness look.

  1. Shirts

A cute outfit that can match your shirt easily.

  1. Shorts

Expose those legs without restrictions to move. It’s time to give your legs some space to breathe.

  1. Floral or Casual Summer Dress

A one-piece clothing that gives you a fresher look and free-flowing ambiance. Relaxed to move too.

  1. Footwear (flipflops, espadrilles, sandals, etc.)

Look for comfortable footwear that also matches your cool summer wear. It’s the perfect time to flaunt your stylish footwear.

Hope this list will help you get through your summer getaway with your family or friends. Just remember, being fashionable does not always need to be expensive. You just need to learn how to mix and match for a better and inexpensive summerly look. Be resourceful and creative. Explore all the things that are still useful. Be yourself and flaunt your inner beauty girl!