10 Facts You Must Know About Fashion

Fashion plays a huge part in our daily life. It’s like technology, every season, it keeps changing. Every new released fashion ideas that came out in the market, people tend to buy and flaunt it. Not knowing the origin or the reason behind the style. There is one thing true about fashion; it evolves as it repeats itself. Like the old trends, right?

But how well do you really know about fashion? If you want to know the real deal, just keep on reading.

Here are the 10 facts about fashion:

  1. Vintage clothes: Clothes that came before 1960 are acknowledged as vintage clothes but clothes that came after the 1960s are so-called retro.
  2. Baggy pants: Hip-hop trends became popular in our times. Wearing of baggy style pants were so in. But a lot of people don’t know the origin of these baggy style pants? The style was originated from Los Angeles. In the prison of LA. Yes, P-R-I-S-O-N! The inmates were not permitted to wear belts, so the only they can wear was loose pants.
  3. Short hair: Some women prefer short haircuts. While others go for cuts that only suit their profiles. Here is the fact, in the 1800 and in early 1900, a woman who had a short hair was well-thought-of to be unfaithful, a symbol of infidelity.
  4. Jeans: Do you believe that a roundabout 200 jeans can be made out just using only one bale of cotton? Surprising eh!
  5. Perfume: During the Egyptian Era, using perfume was common. The purpose of perfumes was not to smell good but as a religious ritual. You will notice the scents being produced by the designer nowadays are available in five classes: earthy, musk, floral, crisp and fruity.
  6. Brows, eyebrows: Groomed eyebrows are on trend right now. But did you know during the Renaissance period they used to shave their eyebrows? An example is Mona Lisa.
  7. High heel shoes: The high heels were invented for men riding horses. To prevent them from falling. It designed to keep their feet in the stirrups.
  8. Buttons on the sleeves: Napoleon Bonaparte was an accidental trendsetter. He ordered that all the soldiers wear buttons on their sleeves. This way, to prevent the soldiers wiping their running noses on their jackets.
  9. False eyelashes: Using fake lashes is very popular because of the influence of many beauty gurus around the globe. The first false eyelashes were made for producer W. Griffith in 1916. The reason was he wanted to enhance the beauty of the actress. The eyelashes were made from real human hair.
  10. Mini-shirts: This is not for being liberated as time goes by. But, it is to make the girls easily get in and out of the automobiles.