Joint Health And Safety Committee Certification

The joint health and safety committee (JHSC) embodied by employees and employers at Ontario workplaces. Every company needs to be established and have a maintained workplace which would typically need its own JHSC. To execute their responsibilities successfully, affiliates of joint health and safety committee must obtain training called “certification”. This is a requirement to all members of joint health and safety committee to finish the training and get their certification to perform their duties. It signifies that there’re all certified to do the right thing during the emergency at the workplace. The certification also to determine that a member of joint health and safety committee finished the required training and they are now authorized to do so.

All training done to be a qualified member of joint health and safety committee or JHSC has this phases. The Part 1, Part 2 and refresher training. All the Participants will learn about common workplace threats and key steps to execute the right thing during the dangers. Even you completed the training for joint health and safety committees Part 1 in the workplace, you must complete Part 2 training under the new conditions in order to be certified and soon you will be required to take refresher training to maintain the certification. These new standards in order to be certified was approved last March 1, 2016. All members need to follow the new conditions. They need to comply to be fully certified.


The knowledge that all participants acquired during the training will be carry out to workplace inspections and accident investigations, and enable them to function efficiently as a legit JHSC members. All JHSC members that completed the all the trainings, you may contact the Ministry of Labour if you haven’t received yet the certified member cards. You need to make sure you get your jhsc certification for no proof will hold your participation for your duties.

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